It started raining.

IMG_4605Tattered shoes worn by my tired feet, trembling hands hiding in my soaked clothes, corrupted lungs inside my already battered rib cage. Is this the end? I’ve been walking for what it seems like forever, and I can’t put myself to stop. My body’s giving up on me, but I still can’t stop. I try so hard, but I still can’t. I’ve been keeping my legs from giving in. I constrain every part of me to keep going because I’m terrified that if I stop, you won’t.

I screamed your name until my lungs gave out, but you kept on walking. I knew you heard me, but why did you start running? I wanted to follow you, I still do, but I was trapped, and I still am. You’ve known all along that we’ve been running in circles. Maybe that’s why you fell out of love and escaped without me.


All I want was to survive, so I’ve held on to you for so long. I thought that as long as we had each other, none of us would let go, but people are bound to have only two hands.

I wonder how you did it without hesitating in every step. I wonder why you were able to run in such dark and eerie place when I couldn’t even stand. Since it started raining, everything also started to fall apart. But why did it seem like you’re savoring the rain?